MJ Potts Heating & Plumbing Services Ltd

We service and install all aspects of Central Heating around Cambridge
Whether it's fuelled by Natural Gas, Oil or LPG, it's not a problem for us.

• Combination and Conventional Boilers
• Vented and Unvented Hot Water Cylinders
• Pumps and Valves
• Radiators and Pipework
• Timers, Thermostats and other Controls
• Tanks

It's not just heating

We also do plumbing, fix dripping ball valves in toilets, rewasher taps, or even install a new sink. In fact, if it's wet where it shouldn't be, we can fix it. Also if it's not wet where you want it to be, we can fix that too.

Don't worry that your job might be too small; it's important to us that things work properly in your house, and we'll make sure they do.

Planning on improving your bathroom?

Contact us today, we can provide everything you need for upgrading or refitting your bathroom. We'll visit your house and talk through the possibilities with you, until you have exactly what you're looking for. We can provide advice on all aspects of the design of your bathroom, tiling, and underfloor heating. We offer a friendly design service, and give free estimates.

We offer a friendly design service, and give free estimates




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